05 Jan 2021

LPP Launches 12 Measures to Protect 200 Communities from the New-Emerging Phase of COVID19 Outbreak

LPP Launches 12 Measures to Protect 200 Communities from the New-Emerging Phase of COVID19 Outbreak

LPP Launches 12 Measures to Protect 200 Communities from the New-Emerging Phase of COVID19 Outbreak

      LPP launches 12 control measures to manage and protect over 200 communities from the new-emerging phase of COVID19 outbreak following “Care and Share” concept.

      Ms. Somsri Techakraisri, Managing Director, Lumpini Property Management Co., Ltd. (LPP) which manages the communities developed by L.P.N. Development Public Co., Ltd. (LPN) said that in the new-emerging phase of COVID19 outbreak throughout the country, the company has launched 12 control measures to protect over 200 communities of 300,000 residents managed by LPP. It is to prevent the outbreak of COVID19 in the communities as well as to implement COVID19 screening system in the communities. It is to play a part in containing COVID19 outbreak with “Care and Share” concept adapted from the DMHTT practice which means Distancing, Mask-wearing, Hand-washing, Testing (temperature check) and ThaiChana application use advised by the Ministry of Public Health. The 12 measures are as follows:

      1. A team is assigned to provide 24/7 care for the communities during the New Year holiday and up until now. The team’s risk of COVID19 infection is reduced to provide a smooth service to the communities.

      2. The parcels are sorted, screened and delivered to lower the risk of disease spread in the communities.

      3. All visitors must undergo a temperature screening, there is only one point of entry/exit and new residents are to be registered before moving in.

      4. The common area is managed and controlled. The services provided in the common area that may be of risk of disease spread such as recreational area and swimming pool are suspended. Social distancing in an elevator is maintained. More seats are provided to maintain social distancing in the waiting area. The common area is disinfected every hour to reduce the risk of infection in the communities.

      5. To reduce the risk of COVID19 spread through banknotes and coins, the residents are recommended to use LPN Bill Payment application to make payments online.

      6. There is an area specially designated for delivery of food and packages. The area is well-ventilated and social distancing between the deliverer and the residents is maintained. Liquid disinfectant is also provided.

     7. Hazardous waste is segregated. Hazardous waste containers are provided for disposal of face masks. The hazardous waste is sprayed with liquid disinfectant before being disposed in the central garbage room to prevent the spread of disease.

     8. Social distancing of one meter is practiced in the condominium juristic person’s office and all areas in the communities to ensure safety of the residents.  

      9. Cleaning and safety measures are enforced. The elevators and other touch points are disinfected every hour and the tables and chairs in the common area are disinfected every 2 hours. The keycards, visitor cards and visitor passes are cleaned after use. All staff must always wear a face mask when they are on duty.

      10. The common area is disinfected by disinfectant spray and liquid. In case that any residents are found infected, their condominium unit and surrounding area will be disinfected by fumigation and spraying of disinfectants.  

      11. The news and COVID19 situation are communicated in the communities via LPN Connect application to inform the joint owners of the updates and situation in the country and within the communities.

      12. The rules and practices of all related staff are strictly enforced during the outbreak. Staff must always wear a face mask, conduct temperature screening, take rigid measures in the common area to reduce the spread of disease in the community and implement any other measures as appropriate in a timely manner.

LPP Launches 12 Measures to Protect 200 Communities from the New-Emerging Phase of COVID19 Outbreak

      Apart from the above 12 measures, Ms. Somsri added that LPP has developed an emergency management plan and a call tree for timely and effective communication. An “Emergency Response Team” is established. Once the manager of the juristic person's office informs the Management Team of an infected case in the community, the Team will be on site to manage the area. As soon as informed, the “Emergency Response Team” will manage the area with the high risk of infection in accordance with the advice of the Ministry of Public Health. The area will be cleaned and disinfected. Everyone entering the premise will strictly be monitored and screened. The timeline of the infected resident during the past 7-14 days will be mapped and checked on CCTV to develop appropriate arrangements in each community and inform joint owners of the situation. The emergency plan will be adjusted to be in line with the situation in the community and announcements of the government in the future.

      “Even though the virus has been spreading widely this time, we have learned from the previous outbreak and issued measures to build confidence and trust in the communities and joint owners. We would like to ensure that all activities in the communities under our care are to be ongoing as usual and safe. We may find infected cases in our communities as a result of people traveling abroad or traveling to high-risk areas but all the 12 measures implemented will ensure that none of our community will become a super-spreader area. All residents will be able to live a normal life and be safe in the community where “Care and Share” culture is promoted,” Ms. Somsri added.

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