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LPN Won 8 Awards from PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards

3 Dec 2020

LPN won 8 prestigious awards from the 15th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards. Being awarded the title of Best Sustainable Developer (Asia) is the proof of the strength and caliber of the organization.

    Mr. Opas Sripayak, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of L.P.N. Development Public Co., Ltd. (LPN) stated that the Company is proud to be awarded 8 prestigious awards from the 15th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards judging by the distinguished panel of judges. L.P.N. won the total of 8 awards i.e. 3 awards and 5 special awards.

      “It is our pride to win 3 awards and 5 special awards as it showcases our vision to never stop developing the design and services as well as to promote social and environmental responsibility with corporate governance principles. There are 40 projects of 30 companies competing at the 15th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards. The  judging panel comprises independent and distinguished judges from various backgrounds. BDO, one of the world’ leading auditing and accounting organizations, ensures the fairness, transparency and credibility of the judging and selection process,” Mr. Opas said.

      Best Sustainable Developer (Asia) Award is the highly prestigious award for L.P.N., the developer of more than 140 “Lumpini” projects that adhere to sustainable development principles all through the past 3 decades.

      Lumpini Place Rama 3-Riverine developed by L.P.N. also won Best Affordable Condo Development (Bangkok) from the outstanding building design and functionality. The project is located on Rama 3 road in the heart of the city which is worth an investment. L.P.N. initiates the development of the City Condo which is the model for the development of condominiums in the city center until the present day.

      BAAN 365 Muangthong of L.P.N. won Highly Commended: Best Housing Architectural Design (Bangkok) Award from the excellent design of the project plan and internal and external architectural design of the buildings.

      In addition, L.P.N. won 5 special awards as follows: Special Recognition in Sustainable Design from LPN Green Design Concept that is applied in the project development to be socially and environmentally responsible.

      Special Recognition for Building Communities from the after-sale services and management of communities following LPN Green Community Management Strategy. The Company has been creating the “Livable Community For All” for 200,000 families in 200 projects managed by Lumpini Property Management Co., Ltd. (LPP). It is widely accepted by the customers and other business operators. The community management service is also provided to the projects developed by other leading property developers as well as premium projects.

      Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction from the sustainable construction plan and management following LPN Green Construction Process that focuses on minimizing the construction impacts on environment, society and surrounding communities.

      Special Recognition in CSR from the sustainable development and environmental and social responsibility “In Process”, “Out Process” and “As Process”.

      Special Recognition in ESG from the sustainable business operation comprising E:Environment, S:Social and G:Governance. It is another indicator showcasing the sustainable stability of the business.

      Mr. Opas stated that it is known that since the beginning of 2020, the COVID19 outbreak has severely affected the business and livelihood in the country. Real estate is another sector that suffers tremendously. But the sustainable practice and business platform developed by L.P.N. enable the Company to maintain the business, achieve income stability, deliver a great quality of life to the customers, provide jobs for all employees and trade partners and protect the interest of the shareholders.

      Furthermore, L.P.N. puts emphasis on corporate social responsibility and sustainable business operation with the focus on social and environmental responsibility. The business operation of the Company has been taking environment, society and corporate governance into account since the very beginning. The Company aims to strike a balance between profit, people and planet dimensions. LPN 6 Green strategy is established to showcase the responsibility towards 8 groups of stakeholders, namely, shareholder, customer, employee, business alliance such as trade partner, resident, construction worker and environment. We aim to achieve sustainable development in all development processes.

      “I would like to thank the panel of judges for recognizing our commitment to develop the real estate business. Every award is proof that L.P.N. is not alone in trying to promote business sustainability. Operating the business in a sustainable manner will help promote the industry and become a model for other property developers to develop Thai real estate business to be able to compete at the international level. Thank you for supporting the real estate sector to improve the industry standard and develop the quality of projects by taking the environment, society and quality of life of the residents into consideration,” Mr. Opas added.

      For more information, please contact LPN Call Center  02-689-6888, Facebook: Condo Lumpini or Line @LPNConnect  #LPNAwards

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