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Give & Take: You Give….And Get Something In Return

18 Nov 2019

จิตอาสา เราทำดีด้วยหัวใจ  (3).jpg

      Many think of the act of “giving” as a sacrifice without expecting anything in return. It brings happiness and fulfillment to one’s life. However, some may be hesitant to give as they do not wish to receive anything valuable in return. In fact, the benefit of “giving” is creating an opportunity for someone to change his/her life.

      L.P.N. Development Public Co., Ltd. (LPN) is one of the companies that realizes the importance of “giving”. It can create the opportunity particularly for students who are full of positive energy. LPN commits to create opportunity by “giving” scholarships that are not in the form of financial support but support for accommodation at Lumpini Township Rangsit-Klong 1. One hundred “LPN Scholarships” are sponsored for students of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi since it is a high-quality educational institution locating near the condominium project. The scholarships are continuing scholarships that are granted from 2018 until the students graduate.

จิตอาสา เราทำดีด้วยหัวใจ  (1).jpg

      From then till now, the Company has been conducting an orientation program for recipients of “LPN Scholarship”. The event is filled with laughter and smile. Recreational activities are used as a tool to build relationship and promote knowledge and understanding on the regulations of the condominium juristic person as well as the participation in various activities in the community.

      Recipients of the scholarship studying at Thai Traditional Medicine College, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi have also “given back” by organizing a voluntary activity at Lumpini Township Rangsit-Klong 1 together with the Community Management Department of Lumpini Property Management Co., Ltd. (LPP), a company in LPN Group. “Volunteering Good Deeds from Our Heart” activity offers foot massage for joint owners and residents of Lumpini community for free. The two-day activity is participated by 155 children, teenagers, adults and elderly people. The company, as a giver, feels very proud of their action while the students, as recipients of scholarship, are proud to be a giver for a change.

น.ส.วรกานต์ วิเชนสวัสดิ์ นศ.มทร_.jpg

      Ms. Worakarn Wishanesawas or Lookpat is the example of a recipient who has become a giver. She is a sophomore studying Health and Beauty Science at Thai Traditional Medicine College, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi and shares her thoughts on the decision to get together with her friends to organize “Volunteering Good Deeds from Our Heart” activity at Lumpini Township Rangsit-Klong1.

      “It started with a discussion among the recipients of LPN Scholarship that we would like to return the favor by making ourselves useful for Lumpini residents. Since we study traditional Thai medicine, we wish to share the knowledge with others. We propose the idea to the Community Management Department and they give us green light as there normally are activities organized for the residents. Everybody here is very nice. They welcome us with open arms, are friendly and praise us for what we do. Our fatigue melts away after hearing their kind words. It is found that the residents suffer from pain in the neck and shoulder. Next time, we are thinking of offering diagnosis and treatment by Thai traditional medicine, trigger point massage and Thai massage for health.”

      When we are a giver, what we “give” will not be wasted. The recipient will wish to “pay it forward” and it will become an endless cycle of “giving”.

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