19 Jun 2019

Business – Education, Persons of Quality and Vibrant Community

Business and Education

     Learning is endless no matter how old you are. Life is not always smooth sailing. Many lack educational opportunity. When they start working, they drift even further away from the opportunity to further their education. Only when someone offers such opportunity to them, their path will be lightened up.  

     LPC Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. of L.P.N. Development Group, the provider of community cleaning service and other services, is working in collaboration with Eamla-Or Vocational College, the educational institution that focuses on human resources development as the basis for economic and social development of the country, to provide educational opportunity to Community Service Officers of the company, most of whom are underprivileged women. The curriculum on service provision has been co-developed to promote learning from doing, upgrade the quality of life of Lumpini Community Service Officers and develop an effective workforce. At the same time, it helps solve social inequality in a sustainable manner.

Business and Education

     Ms. Surasawadi Suewaja, Managing Director of LPC Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. mentioned about the importance of provision of educational opportunity to staff that the company supports illiterate staff to learn by arranging literacy classes in Lumpini condominium that staff are working at. As for literate staff, the company will support them to take non-formal education by organizing classes that suit their knowledge level i.e. primary, lower secondary and upper secondary level. Moreover, scholarships are offered for children of staff. Recently, the company has signed a memorandum of understanding as a bilateral agreement with Eamla-Or Vocational College to co-organize vocational training for High-Vocational Certificate in tourism industry, hotel management and hotel housekeeping for Lumpini Community Service Officers who graduate Mattayom 6 from Kor Sor Nor or non-formal education and other institutions.

     “ Our staff are crucial to the sustainable growth of the company. We must care for them by supporting them in all aspects, whether it be income, livelihood, health or education. If they are well-educated, their quality of life will be upgraded and they will have the opportunity to have a brighter career.”  

Business and Education

      Mr. Pongsak Nuicharoen, Director of Eamla-Or Vocational College said that the vital objective of the provision of non-formal education is to build capacity of employees to be higher both in terms of profession and educational qualification. MoU with LPC is signed to develop human resources of the company. LPC will provide a learning venue, scholarship and time for staff. It shows that the executives of LPC are generous and visionary as they give importance to human resources development by supporting the education of staff to develop their capacity to achieve career advancement and better quality of life. If all business operators think alike, the efficiency of the workforce of our country will be increased as well as the competitive ability of the country.

     In the past, the Office of Vocational Education Commission has organized “Education to Employment: Vocational Boot Camp” program (E to E) to increase career capacity of employees of various business operators to be in consistence with changes in the society.

     At present, two types of education are available at Eamla-Or Vocational College. Firstly, the formal education is organized in the educational institution for Vocational Certificate and High Vocational Certificate in domestic science, business management, hotel management, fine arts and food and nutrition. Secondly, the vocational education is organized bilaterally with business operators and educational institutions. The emphasis is put on providing the education to employees of business operators that would like to increase career capacity of their employees. The curriculum will be flexible in terms of venue, time and assessment to facilitate learning. However, learners must pass the professional standard of the curriculum in order to graduate. It is to certify the quality of the graduates.

     Regarding the cooperation with LPC in developing and building capacity of staff as well as knowledge, skills and desirable qualifications, the College has designed a curriculum that builds capacity of staff in line with the needs of the business operators and professional standard. If “people” do not develop themselves in the constantly changing world, it will be tough to compete with others. Education system in the present day must be adapted, so does business operators. There are many others who have been trying hard to acquire an educational opportunity. It is understandable and we are ready to provide them with such a great opportunity. Business operators will get to build the capacity and quality of their staff and the educational institution will play a part in developing the manpower of our country to be of international standard.”

     LPC and Eamla-Or Vocational College join forces not to let the opportunity pass by and to develop high quality human resources to create “Vibrant” society.

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